The Ultramarathon


Today, I experienced my first ultramarathon, the Chicago 50/50 on the lakefront.  I was there supporting my best friend who actually got me into running.  We shall call him Yoda because he is my guide and inspiration to run further, faster, and constantly improve myself in pretty much every aspect of my life.  Anyway, I have only been to three races since I started my running journey and I learn something new and observe so many things at each race I go to.

The first thing I have learned is runners come in all shapes and sizes.  Tall, short, slender, or a bit chubby people of all ages are out there kicking ass and taking names.  I think as a new runner, at least for me this is encouraging to see.  You don’t have to have a perfect runners body to achieve greatness.  You need to have patience, endurance, and perserverance no matter what size you are.

The second thing I have learned is that I wish I was a better runner than I already am so I can RUN WITH THEM!! Today I ran with Yoda for a little while and I loved it.  It was nice to be unofficially part of the race and it also felt good knowing that I could support him in a way he is usually supporting me.  After Yoda took off and started to run at a faster pace than myself I continued on for another 3 miles or so and ended up knocking out 6 miles.  I ran 6 miles and I didn’t feel a thing.  I wasn’t fatigued or stressed.  I think my nikeplus app stresses me out.  I am constantly looking at the mileage. and getting angry that I am running too slow,

Finally I have learned that I am addicted to running shoes and running gear.  I am forever checking peoples shoes and running gear out.  I know the clothes don’t make a runner but it can certainly help you feel like one and give you confidence.

I also loved talking to people today as well.  I met a woman who just ran the chicago marathon and can’t wait to run an ultra. I feel the same way but I probably have at least a year and a half till my first full marathon so maybe, just maybe an ultra 6 months after that.

Great job to my running inspiration Yoda for completing a 50k with an injury he as running on for 12 miles.  I hope to be as strong as you are one day.  Thank you for guiding me and mentoring me in this crazy running journey I am on.

20131102_093521 20131102_093451 20131102_093936Here are some pictures from my very cold exciting day.

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3 Responses to The Ultramarathon

  1. CultFit says:

    I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and visiting my humble blog-o-thing! It truly means so very much to me. Be inspired and please take care.

  2. Congrats on the finish! Looks like it was a blast!

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